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Pengsquare is an online platform for creatives, collectors and people who simply enjoy beautiful things.

On Pengsquare all content is special and limited - just like a snowflake. Each piece only exists in a specific number of copies. Maybe only 1, 5 or even 1000 - whatever the content creator considers to be right an meaningful.

Very similar to real-world, physical objects, swapping or selling on Pengsquare means exchanging a piece of content for another piece or money. When a trade is complete, the piece itself switches owners.

We believe, that everybody should be able to enjoy great content. Hence, everything on Pengsquare can be shared for free with the world. Our beautiful galleries are as unique as the content presented on them.
Raised on rhythm & blues
What is Pengsquare?
We are a platform for sharing and swapping original content. With our concept of digital uniqueness, we give authetic content a new home. We support a wide variety of media formats.

Share, trade and swap images, videos, music and interactives. Your original content is special, here at Pengsquare.
Great content should be appreciated for what it is - simply great. With Pengsquare, you can share your content with the world, swap it with others and even sell it!

We love content and we know, you do too. Our platform is absolutely free and simple. Not yet convinced? Then check out some of our gourgous content! Learn more...
Island lovers
Violently Happy
wald 03
14 juin, Paris
a sea inside
the woody woods.
The Pengsquare License
All content shared on Pengsquare is subject to the Pengsquare license.

Think of it as a license granting usage rights to everyone owning a piece of content. The creator still holds all copyrights, but if you own a piece of someone else on Pengsquare, you can use that piece in a lot of ways and even swap or sell it again.

If you want to learn more about the Pengsquare License, check it out right here.
Who is

Well, first things first: you are Pengsquare! This is a somewhat social platform where the people are first.

But if you are asking who is running the whole operation, then you shall know! Learn more...



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