What is Pengsquare?

We like to think of Pengsquare as a social platform for people who love creating and consuming content. Our philosophy is simple: digital pieces should be as unique and special as real-world artifacts. And this is why we founded Pengsquare - a place for people to connect over content, share their love and appreciation, while still being able to own authentic and unique digital pieces!

We don't enforce any tough digitial rights management, nor do we believe in forcing you to consume content in a specific way. We strongly adhere to the idea of free consumption, while building a unique proposition for people owning digital content others made.

If you join Pengsquare, you will learn quickly, that our concept of uniqueness does not so much rely on technical safety mechanisms, but is based on a social approach. Owning content means paying attribution to its creator. Hence, a gallery on Pengsquare is not simply a page of content you like, but content you had to either purchase or swap something for - all you have accumulated has value - it is not simply there because you hit a like button.

A Pengsquare profile is far from arbitrary, it is a place of commitments, a place that is as unique as you are, a place to built a digital identity.

How does it Work?
Pengsquare is super straight forward: as a content creator, you sign up for free an upload your original content. You provide some additional information and share it with the world.

If somebody likes your work, an offer can be created - both monetary, and content-based. You can decide whether to accept or decline. If you accept, then offered content will be swept or you will receive money for your work. It's that simple!

By accepting a swap or trade, you grant the other person all usage rights according to the Pengsquare license.

Build your creative network and join Pengsquare, today!
Who is

Pengsquare was founded by Christin Penz and Christian Martick. Both founders are keen art enthusiasts and part of the so called 'millenial generation'. They try to bring together art, technoglogy and business in all of their respective projects.

Christin has a background in political science, arts and web design, while Christian is a trained physists with years of experience as an enterprise software architect.

Christin Penz
Co-founder & CEO
Christian Martick
Co-founder & CTO
Pengsquare UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was incorporated in late 2015. As a completely bootstrapped company, we want to create a social platform for sharing digital content with the world.

We believe in openness and inclusion. Hence, using Pengsquare is absolutely free. If you want to learn more about the company, work with us or invest to make Pengsquare the next generation content platform, please contact us via mail@pengsquare.com.
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